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ocenaocenaocenaocenaocena4000 Essential English Words 6 + Answer key

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Wydawnictwo: Compass Publishing
Nr katalogowy: 9781599662848
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WYDAWNICTWO:Compass Publishing
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    • Features

      Clear, easy to understand definitions and examples
       Various activities to reinforce target vocabulary
       Progressive development of vocabulary across levels
       Original stories which utilize target words
       Useful color images that illustrate each target word
      Free downloadable supplemental audio recordings of target word lists and stories to aid in listening and pronunciation

    1. Each unit consists of 20 Target Words with phonetic signs, parts of speech, sample sentences, and illustrations to help students to understand the words better.
    2. Target words in the stories are highlighted for learners to recall the meanings of the words while reading them.
    3. The activities in these books are specially designed to make use of important learning conditions.
    4. Appendices included in the first three books of the series present the most useful words in English as a picture dictionary format.

    Word List: 20 Target Words in each unit include parts of speech, definitions, and sample sentences
    Exercise: Variety of questions including Target Words
    Reading Passage: Original stories with 20 Target words included
    Reading Comprehension: Supports the understanding of the stories
    Appendix(Book1~3): Acts as a picture dictionary with useful words that are not included in Target Words

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