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ocenaocenaocenaocenaocena60 Activities and Games for Pairwork

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Nr katalogowy: 9788853003911
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AUTOR:Gascoigne Jennifer
WYDAWNICTWO:Black Cat Publishing
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  • 60 Activities and Games for Pairwork is a photocopiable resource book of
    stimulating and entertaining language activities, which teachers can use to
    supplement a coursebook at pre-intermediate level (CEF B1) or to help prepare
    for the Cambridge ESOL PET and Trinity grades 5 and 6.

    - Short, flexible activities: most activities take about 20 minutes, and they can
    easily fit into any phase of an English lesson.
    - Interactive activities: the emphasis is on spoken interaction, both controlled
    and free.
    - Student-centred: as most activities are self-checking, students are
    encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.
    - Varied activity techniques include: information-exchange, gap-filling,
    guessing, matching, sorting and reordering, etc.
    - Aspects of language covered include: verb tenses, verb patterns, question
    formation, phrasal verbs, comparison, lexis, collocation, spelling,
    pronunciation and stress.
    - Comprehensive, easy-to-use index: activities are grouped alphabetically
    according to target language points and topics, and also classified under
    language areas (grammar, punctuation and spelling, vocabulary, reading and
    oral interaction).

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