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  • Alligators Level B1+/B2

    Uncover the amazing world of alligators and find out why they face an uncertain future. Learn about the lifecycle of these animals through captivating images, engaging stories and interesting facts... Cena: 29,90 PLN szczegóły
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  • Amazon Rally + CD Level 1

    Riding in a motorcycle rally across the Brazilian jungle is hard and exciting. But when they agree to help their Indian friends, Brian and David find themselves racing to save lives.. Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
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  • American Life + CD Level 2

    Oryginalny opis: Most people around the world today know something about American life. The United States is a big country. Not all Americans are the same! In this book you will see the many faces... Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
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  • Amistad + CD Level 3

    Oryginalny opis: It is 1839. The slave ship, Amistad, is carrying African slaves to America. There is a bloody fight on the ship, and the Africans are free. But soon they are in prison in the US.... Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
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  • An Education

    Jenny has just turned sixteen and is determined to escape her stifling suburban homelife by going to Oxford University. When she meets glamorous older man David, she starts to reassess her life and her... Cena: 21,50 PLN szczegóły
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  • An Ideal Husband + CD Level 3

    Sir Robert Chiltern is a successful politician and an honest man. He is an ideal husband for the beautiful and serious Lady Chiltern. But somebody knows a dangerous secret about Sir Robert. Can Sir Robert’s c... Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
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  • And Then There Were None + CD-ROM (Pre-Intermediate)

    Ten strangers are invited to an island off the Devon coast.  Most are happy to be there. But then, very soon, one of them is dead. What is happening? Is it murder? Is the killer one of them –or... Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
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  • Angela's Ashes + CD

    "A miserable childhood is bad enough. A miserable Irish childhood is worse. But a miserable Irish Catholic childhood is the worst of all”.
    A simplified adaptation of Frank McCourt’s moving and...
    Cena: 21,50 PLN szczegóły
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  • Anna Karenina + CD Level 6

    Oryginalny opis: Anna Karenina, one of world literature’s greatest novels, tells the story of a beautiful young woman who is unhappily married to a man much older than herself. When she falls in... Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
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  • Anne of Green Gables + CD (Level Elementary)

    One day, in Canada, an eleven year old girl, Anne, arrives at Green Gables. She is going to live with Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, who are brotherand sister. But Anne does not know that Matthew and... Cena: 27,00 PLN szczegóły
  • Anne of Green Gables + CD-ROM (Elementary)

    Oryginalny opis: The Cuthberts ask the orphanage for a boy to help at their farm, but a little girl steps off the train. Anne causes chaos at Green Gables, but her good nature wins everyone’s h... Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
  • Another World + CD-ROM ( Elementary)

    Oryginalny opis: For BZXY741, a student, life in Eden City seems perfect. But one day he meets Eve, a girl who shows him that there is another world ... An intriguing science fiction story.... Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
  • Apollo 13 + CD Level 2

    Oryginalny opis: Apollo 13 is an exciting movie — and a true story!
    It is Monday, April 13, 1970 and Apollo 13 is flying to the Moon. Suddenly, something goes wrong. The ship is losing power...
    Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
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  • Babe - The Sheep Pig + CD Level 2

    One day, Farmer Hogget wins a young pig. He likes the pig, but he is a sheep farmer not a pig farmer. Mrs Hogget wants the pig for the dinner table. The little pig has other ideas, and he’s a veryclever... Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
  • Babe Pig In The City + CD Level 2

    Oryginalny opis: Babe leaves the farm for the city. He wants to make some money. ‘But nobody wins in the city,’ says Bob, a chimpanzee. ‘And nobody helps anybody. Understand?’ Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
  • Bandslam + CD

    Will has always been an outsider, so, he is surprised when one of the coolest girls at his new school, Charlotte, befriends him. Impressed by his knowledge of music, Charlotte makes him the manager of... Cena: 21,50 PLN szczegóły
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  • Barack Obama + CD

    On January 20th, 2009, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America. He is the first African-American to be president of one of the most powerful countries in the world.
    Cena: 21,50 PLN szczegóły
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  • Barack Obama + CD Level 2

    Oryginalny opis: In January 2009,  a new American president moved into the White House. But who is Barack Obama? What do we know about his family and his early life? Why did he want to bea... Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły
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  • Batman Begins + CD

    In Batman Begins, the young Bruce Wayne learns to face his fears. When Wayne is ten, he watches his parents die in front of him on the streets of Gotham City. He travels the world, learns to fightwith... Cena: 21,50 PLN szczegóły
  • Becoming Jane + CD Level 3

    Oryginalny opis: Jane, a 20-year-old writer falls in love with Tom Lefroy who studies law. Jane’s romance inspired her to write Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Read the story ofJane... Cena: 22,90 PLN szczegóły

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