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ocenaocenaocenaocenaocenaTeaching Chunks of Language

Dostępność: 1-3 dni
Wydawnictwo: Helbling Languages
Nr katalogowy: 9783852720562
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AUTOR:Lindstromberg Seth, Boers Frank
WYDAWNICTWO:Helbling Languages
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  • Teaching Chunks of Language is an original new resource book for teachers of EFL/ESL students at
    intermediate—advanced level. It shows how to help students work out the origins and reasoning behind the choice
    of words that occur apparently at random in so many chunks of language in English. This not only helps the
    students remember them but also work out the most likely choice of words in semi-familiar chunks. So students
    can make real progress in this traditionally challenging area of language — highly satisfactory for them, and for you
    as their teacher.
    The activities develop all four language skills in creative and communicative contexts as well as illustrating
    strategies for testing your students’ competence.
    Teaching Chunks of Language is a flexible, exciting and practical handbook that provides a wide range of activities
    that are usable in a variety of classroom settings and levels. It offers a valuable way of helping students not only to
    impress examiners but also to attain oral fluency and natural speech.

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