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ocenaocenaocenaocenaocenaWorld Around + Audio CD

Dostępność: 1-3 dni
Wydawnictwo: Helbling Languages
Nr katalogowy: 9788895225067
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AUTOR:Cleary Maria
WYDAWNICTWO:Helbling Languages
58,30 PLN
  • Jest to książka która nie tylko uczy języka angielskiego ale także zapoznaje ucznia z kulturą krajów anglojęzycznych.

    Oryginalny opis:

    World Around is a flexible and exciting culture course for teenagers packed with
    up-to-date facts, key issues and information from the English-speaking world. Each
    self-contained unit focuses on a specific country or area and includes:
    1.Real texts - a wide range of informative and imaginative real texts, specially
    chosen to motivate teenage readers.
    2.Integrated skills - skills practice throughout with extra photocopiable skills pages
    in the Teacher's Book.
    3. Arts - extracts from literature and contemporary arts for further reading and
    listening practice.
    4.Intercultural communication - knowledge of new cultures which leads students
    to a deeper understanding of their own.
    5. CLIL - twelve dedicated CLIL pages in subjects such as Maths, Geography, Music,
    Science and Technology for cross-curricular learning.
    6. Website - lots of activities and resources for using World Around at different levels.
    Plus MP3s, games and downloadables!

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